How much compensation?

The question of how much compensation you should or should not have received is often a complex question which can only be answered by qualified and experienced individuals who are used to dealing with all types of personal injury matters. It is not the case that one case which appears on the face of it to be similar can be compared easily with another apparently similar case. A forensic assessment is essential and that is where we come in. It is our experience that very often badly handled cases dealing with personal injury carry with them the following hallmarks of similarity-

  • a case that was settled without medical evidence IE medical report from an appropriately qualified specialist
  • a matter that was settled quickly perhaps in a few weeks or in respect of the case with substantial ongoing losses within a few months
  • a personal injury case where the adviser was taking a large slice / percentage and therefore had a vested interest in finishing the case quickly
  • a claim handled by solicitors appointed by an insurance company
  • claims handled by a claims management company often quickly
  • a claim settled where you were told that it has been settled without prejudice and that liability has not been decided

It is not to say that all cases that fall into the above categories are definitely being dealt with negligently. It is the case however often instances of the above are indicators that the matter has not been handled as it should be . For example in a case where somebody has ongoing problems that have not yet settled down it is not really possible for the claimant to be advised as to what their case is worth because nobody has a crystal ball; in such case if it was completed too quickly then there is every prospect that that person may worsen in the future and turn out to be under compensated