Case studies

Case Study 1

A client suffered a broken arm after tripping over a raised edge of a flagstone on a pavement under the responsibility of the council.

He pursued a claim against the council through a firm of solicitors who won his case and they settled the case out of court for the sum of £4000 after the claim had been running for 2 years.

The medical report they obtained as part of the claims process stated that the clients injury could require an operation in the future but unfortunately the solicitors did not investigate this matter further before settling the claim.

The client did require an operation and had a substantial period of time off work as a result suffering a large loss of earnings .

We took the case on and brought a professional negligence case against the clients former firm which was successful in recovering £20000.

Case study 2

A client suffered a whiplash type injury in a road traffic accident and pursued a claim against the driver of the other vehicle through a firm of solicitors. The firm of solicitors decided to settle the case without obtaining a medical report .

It subsequently turned out that the client had a fractured spine that required numerous operations and time off work as a result .

We pursued the negligent solicitors and recovered £ 75000 in compensation.

Case study 3

A client slipped on a wet floor at work and injured her ankle .

She successfully claimed against her employers for negligence through a firm of solicitors who obtained a medical report that stated that the injury required further investigation by a pain management consultant due to the unusual ongoing symptoms she was suffering from but the solicitors did not obtain any other medical reports and simply settled the case as if it were a straightforward ankle sprain for £2500 .

We took on this case and obtained compensation for the client from the negligent firm of solicitors in the sum of £50000 given that it turned out that the client was suffering from a condition known as complex regional pain syndrome .